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The Law of Opposites
Compiled from TT by Annegret Liebig, January 2017

Dear Templesisters and Brothers, dear Friends.

A new year is waiting for us with all its joy, vacettes and OPPOSITES, which will charge and support us in any way, and help us to mature just the way we need to. Often we think that it is like a treadmill and we do not come any way. But we do. Only that everything takes its own time. We just have to continue and strive for balance.

“The law of all laws – the law of balance, equilibrium – is of all spiritual, as well as of physical laws, the most important. It is irrevocable and all-wise; upon it rests the stability of all life in manifestation. It is the primal cause and the final effect of the LAW OF OPPOSITES, the law governing sex, and all forces in opposition. Without its action there could be neither spiritual, psychic nor material life in form.

“The ultimate effect of action is determined by the motive, the purpose of the act, whatever may appear to be the incidental effect of such action. The higher, the more unselfish and humanitarian the purpose, the harder will be the battle with the PAIRS OF OPPOSITES; yet without the victories won in these battles man would never rise above the soulless animal manifestation he was before the incarnation of the Sons of Mind.
So, instead of looking at the PAIRS OF OPPOSITES as needless, cruel instruments of torture devised by an angry God, as man is tempted to do, when in the troes of suffering, he should endeavor to stand apart, and realize that they are beneficent, needful and altogether good.“ (TT I, No. 159, “The Purpose of Life“, p. 401)

Though we are told that we have to avoid all EXTREMES, we find that there is a chance in EXTREMES too, if we - conscious of our helplessness – ask the One for help.
“There is a tendency among many students of philosophy and science in the present cycle to eliminate belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, a Godhead, and to trust entirely to their interpretation of the laws of evolution to account for the phenomena of life and nature; but even those laws alone give ample evidence of such an existence to the open, unprejudiced mind. For example, the law, furnish such evidence.

“It is only in the mediocre, the dead levels of life, when we have lost or thrown away the power to feel deeply, to desire ardently, that we can be satisfied with the results of our reasoning process, our intellectual gymnastics. At either EXTREME, at the highest and lowest vibratory key of life, all in us that is capable of touching the hem of the garment of Infinite Love cries out for closer contact with that love at any sacrifice, and only in those EXTREMES can such contact be secured, whether it be by means of some accepted religious belief or by the birth of the soul through travail of personal desire and effort. “(TT I, No. 77, “Value of Religious Instinct“, p. 199)

“During the latter part of every great age the efforts of the FORCES OF OPPOSITION are always directed toward the destruction of form and the disintegration of mass. Unfortunately it is not only forms of gross matter that have been or are being destroyed so ruthlessly at the present time, but the far more important ideal forms which make for higher evolution.
There can be no expression of life without form. Destroy a form and you drive out the elemental souls of which the form is an expression.
Religious forms and ceremonies, if wrongly used, may become traps for unwary feet, but it is not the form itself that is the trap, it is the betrayal of the elemental souls therein, thereby breaking the Hierarchal lines, the units of which have created those lines which must eventually bind all living creatures and people into one harmonious whole.“
„The question is now, “Can Christianity stem the current of that stream and guide the stream into a safe outlet? “ (P. 513)
(But first we have to realize what Christianity really means.)
“As used by the Initiates of the Great White Brotherhood, the term Christianity would denote the belief of the earnest seeker after the truth taught by each one of the great souls – the Christs, who have incarnated upon the earth, at different periods of time, for the purpose of teaching and regenerating a fallen race, to which they had been karmically attracted.
The fundamental truth as expressed by each one of the Buddha’s and Avatars of the human race has ever been the same whatever the nation or the language in which they were expressed. They may be found in the Upanishads, the Vedas, the Commandments of Moses, as well as in the Teachings of Jesus, Confucius and others, and , in fact, may all be summed up in the familiar words “Love one another, for love is the fulfilling of the law.“ (P. 513) - (TT I, No. 208, “The momentous Question“, p. 513/4)

“The pessimism of the present day is largely responsible for the inability of the devotees of mammon to recognize and deal with the conditions being rapidly brought about by the EXTREME optimism of another rapidly growing class, who will tear down and destroy, instead of waiting for the natural dissolution of things and peoples. EXTREMES always precede disruption, whether of religious, sociological or civic bodies.
Above all things, a calm, steady, moderate attitude should be cultivated in regard to all religious, sociological or civic questions.

Let us endeavor with all that lies in our power to attain and hold balance in order to cut the ground from under the EXTREMES. We can succeed one day because:

As always with love,
Yours Annegret.